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Suzy’s clients can expect:

Coaching & Advice on the different aspects of Dental Practice Management. Including financial management, human resource & personal and team development.

Working with the team we can work on developing roles and help put effective bespoke marketing strategies in place that can attract more clients to the clinic. Instead of having a product-centred “make and sell” philosophy, our businesses need to shift to become more customer-centred with a “sense and respond” philosophy. The job is not to find the right patients for our products but to find the right products for our patients, and Suzy can assist you with this.

Your marketing strategy must be closely aligned to, and an integral part of, the practice’s overall business strategy. There is no logic in trying to develop a marketing strategy if you are not clear about the overall objectives.

We have a fundamental belief on the team working together and provide effective and efficient strategies to improve staff performance. Their commitment to the mission of the organisation, are advanced by good human relations in the workplace. This demands that appropriate attention be given to human resource management with continuous commitment to employment relations.

  • Training in clinic for day
  • Training provided on many strategic modules
  • To my select clients I provided 1-2-1 mentoring
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