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Human Resources

The vast majority of dental clinics are relatively small and even the larger clinics are highly unlikely to require an entire Human Resources Department. However, irrespective of how small a clinic may be, it will still need an effective human resources function.

As well as providing the administrative support needed for both Personal and Team Development, a well-executed human resources function creates an atmosphere of professionalism and confidence amongst your team. In a nutshell, they will feel like they are working for a ‘real business’. Which, of course, they are.

Crucial activities that fall within the Human Resources remit include:

  • Recruiting and retaining the best employees
  • Job descriptions
  • The administration of training and development
  • Rewards and incentives in line with practice objectives
  • The induction process
  • Appraisal skills
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Career planning
  • Employment Law
  • Feedback to staff
  • Disciplinary procedures

Simple effective HR procedures, aligned within clinic protocols, help to alleviate stress and ensure the clinic and its staff are ready for any eventuality.

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