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Practice Bible

Every dental clinic will have its own protocols and strategies to enable it to effectively meet its objectives to ensure both maximum profitability and absolute customer care. These strategies and protocols are your Practice Bible.

However, your dental clinic operates within a broader legal and ethical framework and the strategies and protocols to which address these objectives must all be collected within the Practice Bible.

A well produced, observed and maintained Practice Bible will enhance and accelerate decision making by presenting a ‘best practice’ response to any given set of circumstances. It will also create a solid bedrock upon which everything else can be built, a ‘way we do things’ which will allow your team to confidently improvise and innovate to the best advantage of the practice as a whole.

Although these crucial tools are likely to differ from practice to practice, here are just a few of the essential sections your Practice Bible needs to have:

  • Legal and ethical demands
  • Infection Control
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Staff recruitment policies and Equal Opportunities
  • Employee and employers rights
  • Staff contracts for all team members
  • Communication
  • Staff and client surveys
  • Clinical Governance
  • Quality Assurance
  • CPD and Life Long Learning
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