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Chris Barrow

I've been working as a business adviser since 1996 and, in that time, over 750 practices have "revealed their all" to me.

The role of "practice manager" has evolved over that time, from "matron" to the team (and operations director) to embrace:

  • overall business strategy
  • financial monitoring
  • marketing
  • customer relationship management
  • clinical governance
  • human resources
  • leadership and team-building

A 21st Century dental practice is a much more sophisticated business than 15 years ago.

To this end, principals have a challenge never before seen - to build robust systems and talented people, so that they can prosper irrespective of economic conditions. The good news is that it CAN be done. However, you need the knowledge, skill and "can do" attitude of a true professional as a catalyst in that process - and that's where Suzy Gorman steps in.

Suzy wins in all three categories:

  • Knowledge - a range of clinical and business qualifications including current study for an MBA
  • Skill - the experience of applying that knowledge in a number of practices over the years, representing the complete range of dental business models
  • Attitude - for sheer effort and enthusiasm, Suzy cannot be matched.

I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Chris Barrow
Dental Practice Business Coach

Michael Smith

Suzy Gorman’s in depth knowledge and vast experience of managing dental practices would be of great value to any practice. Utilising her services would be a wise practice investment in these interesting and challenging economic times.

Dr Michael Smith
BDS Dental Business Solutions


I have worked closely with Suzy Gorman whilst she was advising and supporting two dental partners who were setting up a brand new practice in Liverpool City Centre. Suzy is very professional in her approach to other professionals and exceptionally efficient whilst retaining a warm and friendly manner. In my experience.

Suzy is very practical in her approach in setting up a new practice, from the building works, interior design, which in the practice that I have visited was outstanding, to the staff who are very well managed. Suzy was always the main contact during the set up of this practice, and as I deal with a great number of dental practices I feel that Suzy has been very successful in setting this practice up to look and achieve what it is today.

Kathy Molyneux
Healthcare Business Development Manager
Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Liam McNaughton

The Ollie and Darsh business, barely six months old, is clearly destined for success, and this is in large part due to the energy and skills of Suzy Gorman. She is a very capable business manager and consultant, and I would recommend her very highly indeed...

Dental Information Technologies

Ollie & Darsh

Through fortune and fate one can describe being lucky to meet such a talented individual. She is an admired and well respected leader within her profession and a confident leader of others, her natural leadership stands out.

Suzy exemplifies and embodies the role that has been bestowed upon her here at Ollie & Darsh. Fulfilling the role of Business Manager, Treatment Co-ordinator and Concierge, Suzy effortlessly interchanges amongst these roles at any given point in time.

Much of the success that Ollie & Darsh has enjoyed since its inception can be placed on Suzy’s talented shoulders, her experience and her skills. She has been instrumental in the project management and the design of our clinic and in the successful business development of a squat practice without a database. She thoroughly enjoys the thrill of a challenge and has a willingness to take responsibility.

From the moment the business opened in November 2008, Suzy’s concierge abilities and the open and honest way she communicates within the Treatment Co-ordinator role have helped enormously in the reputation the business is developing on a daily basis.

Alongside the clinical reputation at Ollie and Darsh our reputation especially as a new business for customer care is a true testament to Suzy’s leadership. She displays all the personal qualities during her work here for example passion, humour, and empathy strength of character, general maturity, patience, wisdom, common sense, trustworthiness, reliability, and creativity. Suzy always manages to see the business through the clients eyes which is taking our business from offering great products or services to a great company that will keep customers coming back for more.

Suzy truly helps set us apart from our competitors and continually strives for more knowledge and expertise every day.

Ollie & Darsh

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